MY SUCCESS is making the best deal for you, in the sale or purchase of your HOME

MY SUCCESS is making the best deal for you, in the sale or purchase of your HOME


You can have the house of your dreams

Welcome to my website if you are thinking about buying a house in the state of Georgia and Florida, I can help you. I am a Realtor with 18 years of experience helping families make that dream come true. With my experience in different programs such as NACA, FHA, VA, USDA AND CONVENTIONAL and also FOREIGN NATIONAL I will fight for you so that you have the best program that is beneficial for your family especially if you are a first-time buyer. We guarantee that you will not only have your own home, but also a fixed monthly payment, low interest rates and many other advantages. IF you want to buy a house for investment we can also make it happen.

I know the specific needs and circumstances of our Latino community and am committed to making your dream of homeownership a reality.


If you are planning to buy a house in the near future, and you are wondering what the process is like, you have come to the right place. We will advise you step by step in each of the stages of the purchasing process with a clear message and easy-to-understand language.

Because buying a home goes beyond the economic aspect, especially in a market where rents rise year after year. When buying a house we must also consider the emotional component, knowing that we are owners of a home where our children can grow up safely and live in peace is one of the greatest rewards we can feel as parents and members of a family. .

And, the truth is that nowadays it is easier to buy a home than to rent it. So don’t be afraid to invest, but don’t do it unprepared either!

It’s understandable that you may feel the anxiety and fear that comes with the enormous financial commitment of buying a home for the first time. Therefore, we invite you to look at it from the following point of view: What is the difference in figures between paying $1,800 for rent and paying $1,800 to pay for your own house? It’s still the same $1800 dollars! But invested in a better way.

Perhaps the installments to pay for a house are a little higher than the figure in the previous example, but this will largely depend on the type of loan you use, which bank you decide to work with, the initial investment you make and the general conditions. market at the time of the acquisition.

According to statistics, 90% of property buyers are going to live in houses, that is, they are not investors and require a financing plan to buy their home. A small percentage, including investors, buy cash or cash. But those who do not have that possibility must turn to a bank that provides them with financing.

A house is not bought overnight, many times we see that family or friends have bought a house and we think that it was an easy and uncomplicated path, ignoring the details that anticipated the purchase. Not all cases are the same, but something in common is that we all have to be prepared. The key to everything here is Preparation. The million dollar question is…. And how do I prepare?

Whether I own my own business or work for a company, having stability in my annual income allows me to start planning for my future. If I’m just starting a business, buying a house is probably not a good idea.

It is essential to determine how much you can afford per month toward your monthly home payment. Although you can get a home loan for a large amount of money, make sure your monthly payments are in line with your incoming and outgoing money.

Even if you have an excellent credit score, you won’t always get a mortgage loan, the level of debt can affect you, avoid having extremely high car payments and lower your credit card balances. If you plan to buy a house, it is not advisable to lend your credit or act as a co-signer.

We must be aware that bank accounts are financial tools that allow us to keep track of our money. It is preferable to pay the amounts by check or digitally with the bank account than to do so in cash without any support to verify that the payment or expense has been made.

Whenever you buy a home, the amount of money available for the purchase can make you choose the best financing programs for you. Additionally, a minimum amount is always required to invest, even if you qualify for no-download or government assistance programs.

Don’t leave everything for last, if your lease ends in a year it is the best time to start acting, time may be in your favor or against you, but starting early will save you many future frustrations. .


It is very important to know what I am going to pay monthly for my home mortgage, it is also important to know the type of loan you will obtain.
I will give you the following examples:
If you get an FHA loan, you will pay
Principal + Interest + Taxes + Insurance + Mortgage Insurance
This PMI is Mortgage Insurance, it benefits the bank and you will pay it for the rest of the life of the loan.
Conventional with 3%
In this loan you will also pay for all 5 things but the PMI will only be for 9 years after the ninth year it will be eliminated which means your payment will go down.
Conventional with 20%
In this type of loan you will NOT pay the PMI. You will only pay
We will help you choose the best financial option.


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